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  • Payal Nayar

Behind The Book, literally.

Melting Pot for the last 1 year has been covering stories of individuals from across the world through a variety of series. Behind The Book is one such series that covers 5 different authors and their journeys as writers from different parts of the world.

But if we think closely, each one one of us is a writer in our own way. Everyone has a story and we strongly believe in the power of sharing these stories. Stories about failures, faith, fame and fun. Stories that remind us that no one is perfect. Stories, that ignite a sense of hope for the best. And stories that push you to strive for the best.

On an individual level, every human has something to say, somethings hidden and some unexplored factors which need to be discussed. In today's digital age, being transparent has become fairly convenient and we at Melting Pot believe, that this should be for all the right reasons.

There are so many writers in the world who may be living very different lives but beautifully frame other lives through their narration in books. There are so many writers who cover stories of people who have never been recognized for the work that they do. And then there are writers, who write about unconventional topics and themes which are less talked about.

We believe, these are the things that are important to be discussed and highlighted through platforms like us. People need to talk, discuss, share and express - through whichever medium they like. We as a podcast not only promote the idea of listening to journeys but also expressing them through diverse media.

So we invite you to share your stories. Your story, behind YOUR Book of life.



Till then, tune in to listen to our new episodes from Behind The Book on:

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