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  • Payal Nayar

Boston: A Trip To Remember

My recent visit to Boston got me immersed in their rich history and vibrant culture. Let me take you through my journey at Boston. 

Elizabeth Stewart Gardner Museum and Quincy Market

I visited the enchanting Elizabeth Stewart Gardner Museum, where I was blown away by its impressive collection of art. While walking through its galleries I felt like I had stepped into another world of creativity.

I wandered through Quincy Market, a historic gem nestled in the heart of Boston. There was no better way to experience this marketplace than to grab a bite at one of Quincy Market’s restaurants or food stalls. It was delightful to see a combination of old world charm and modern flair. 

Maisie Peters Concert

One of the biggest highlights of my trip was attending a Maisie Peters concert, where Grace Enger mesmerised the audience with the opening act. The performance was a blend of emotions, tales of love and  loss. It was a magical night to remember.

Boston Tea Party and Fenway Park Tours

The Boston Tea Party tour was theatrical and I felt like I relived the events that shaped American history. 

The Fenway Park tour was quite exhilarating. From the hallowed grounds of the baseball diamond to the storied halls of the stadium, it is not only a must see for sports fans but also for non-sports fans as well.

Frenchie, Rowe's, Wharf Sea Grille, and More

My Boston trip would have been incomplete without trying their culinary delights and I savoured their best dishes such as Frenchie and Rowe's Wharf Sea Grille. The flavours just left me craving for more. 

Hotel Verve and the Pretenders' Film Trailer

My stay at Hotel Verve was a place to remember, where I slept in a film trailer owned by the legendary Pretenders. The hotel was just a few steps away from Fenway Park and other city’s attractions. It was an amazing and cosy retreat where I could unwind and recharge myself. 

Boston diaries

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