I am Payal Nayar the Founder and Director of Voices and More. Pte. Ltd a Singapore registered company since 2007.

A Singapore resident, who has also lived in different countries like United Kingdom, India and Spain, I consider myself a global citizen and a traveller at heart having spent most of my life overseas.

I have always believed in absorbing learning from and contributing in my small way to the culture by staying engaged with the communities I becomes a part of.

I believe in never giving up, never hesitating in exploring new and exciting opportunities. I believe in self-belief and hard work as the road to success. 

As a professional with a marketing background in the airline industry for over 15 years, an experienced voice artist since 2005 and a traveller and explorer, I understand my strength is in my voice and ability to engage with people. The natural progression from that led up to me journeying and exploring the podcast platform to bring it all together in the series Melting Pot.



Melting Pot is an inspiring podcast series of conversations with culturally diverse and passionate individuals from across the globe. It is a series conceived and produced by me in an attempt to be the leading platform for motivational storytelling to inspire people from all walks of life.


Despite there being so many diverse cultures, languages, physical appearances, geographical boundaries and locations; there is just one commonality binding us altogether and that is the human story. The commonality between these people is passion or a calling and they have dared to make it their personal reality, by following their dreams, some have tried to introduce unknown aspects of their culture to the world, others have simply made it a way of life and then there are yet others who have made a difference and transformed lives.


I have been in awe of most of my guests through my podcasting journey so far and I feel humbled at how they have opened up their hearts and shared their life stories with me which I am then able to bring to listeners from all over the world to enjoy, listen, appreciate, absorb and take away from.

© Melting pot 2020