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Payal Nayar is the Founder and Host of Melting Pot Podcast as well as the Founder and Director of Voices and More. Pte. Ltd, a Singapore registered company since 2007.

A Singapore resident, who has also lived in different countries like United Kingdom, India and Spain, Payal is a global citizen and a traveler at heart having spent most of her life overseas. She believes in absorbing, learning and contributing in my small ways to the culture by staying engaged with the communities she becomes a part of.

Payal believes in never giving up and never hesitating in exploring exciting opportunities. According to Payal, self-belief and hard work as the road to success. 

As a professional with a marketing background in the airline industry for over 15 years, Payal is also an experienced voice artist since 2005.  She understands her strength is in her voice and the ability to engage with people. The natural progression from that led up to her journeying and exploring the podcast platform to bring it all together in the form of Melting Pot.


Melting Pot Collective is an inspiring podcast series of conversations with culturally diverse and passionate individuals from across the globe. It is a series conceived and produced by me in an attempt to be the leading platform for motivational storytelling to inspire people from all walks of life.


In the enchanting world of "Melting Pot" and "Now Boarding" podcasts, our collective vision blooms. We celebrate diversity, fostering genuine understanding through storytelling and shared experiences, uniting people worldwide. Our platform cherishes every culture, weaving bridges of empathy, breaking barriers, and embracing the richness of human heritage.

We embark on a journey of wildlife conservation, ecotourism, sustainable living, and responsible travel. Together, we empower positive change, amplify marginalized voices, and promote an inclusive society. Our sanctuary becomes a global meeting place, nurturing cross-cultural friendships, and inspiring lifelong learning. Respectful dialogues, fueled by creativity and artistry, kindle the imagination, driving positive transformations. Embark on this odyssey with us, as we paint a compassionate and interconnected world, where unity prevails, and diversity thrives.


We are deeply touched by how our guests have opened their hearts and shared their life stories with us. Through our podcast, we have the privilege of bringing these stories to listeners from all around the world, allowing them to enjoy, appreciate, and absorb the valuable insights they offer.

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