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"I had a wonderful experience being on Melting Pot. Payal has a unique quality of making the interviewee very comfortable , so a podcast did not feel like a  stressed out activity for me. It was as if I was talking to my near and dear ones being right there in front of me (instead of  a Dictaphone ). An overall fun filled amusing conversation thanks to the witty , intellectual, articulate Payal !"


"Speaking with Payal on melting pot was such a great experience... Found myself going back to my childhood and recognising the role that my mom played and just through this podcast being able to tell her that her encouragement meant a lot. Also gave me a chance to share my story with so many people and talk about the importance of art within education and what the Akanksha foundation has been doing. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and including me as part of the people with a passion that you've come across on your various travels."



"Amazing interview. My family is so proud of me. Thank you so much , Payal. You definitely have the talent of communicating in such a peaceful and controlling manner. Thank you so much. I’m going to listen to it again. Thanks for making my day."


“Sometimes you forget your own story - talking to Payal was like catching up with a long lost friend. A simple chat!  How she manages to capture the essence of what her guests share into something so powerful and inspiring is an art form!  Literally makes you go "Wow".


"A conversation with Payal was truly enjoyable. Many lessons reflected during the conversation. Payal has an amazing vision of what this channel is and will be. Don't miss a chance to speak with her. She is very attentive, super professional and also super fun! Her curiosity to each guest is what makes her very truly special."


"Thanks Meeting Pot for the opportunity of being in your show! Was a great experience for us and Payal was very attentive and caring! We at KīBa had a great time and fun moments. Payal made all the interview very easy to follow through. Cheers and thanks for the love and support! "


"I’d love to thank Payal for featuring my culinary journey on the Melting Pot podcast. She has such an ease with which she is able to navigate these stories and non linear career and life graphs of her guests, leading the listener on a captivating ride. As much as she has an incredible way with words, she is also an equally good listener and that’s what makes for such compelling content on every one of the episodes on her podcast."


"I would love to say that the experience of the interview was so smooth. Payal asked thoughtful questions that created space for interesting exploration in the area of food - a discussion that allowed for a meaningful conversation in food.

It was also clear that Payal's own diversity created for this rich paradigm from which she create conversation"


"My very first experience of being interviewed by Payal Nayar of Singapore was really great. Payal is an international  traveler and has interviewed many famous people. It was a great privilege Payal."


"Payal is a dear friend and a fellow global citizen. Our interview felt more like one of our usual, relaxed conversations among friends. I am very proud to be one of her interviewees and I'm looking forward to many more exciting episodes of her inspiring podcast."


"Thank you Payal for interviewing us and giving us the global platform of your podcast. It was a very good experience talking about our journey and sharing the story of

Mr. Brown. What you have on your hand is a platform and spreading not just mine but others’ stories as well creates a hub of experiences users can learn from. "


"What a delight it was to talk to Payal, and it was only after I had spoken to her did I realise what a wonderful person she is, and how easy it is to talk to her!"




Melting Pot (2).png



"If we dare to listen, to observe there is so much richness, inspiration and courage that can be discovered. Payal listens and shares these inspiring passion-filled journeys. I am in awe of Payal and her guests. Fabulous!"


"Payal, your conversations are really interesting. You choose every day people who have the ability to inspire others because each of them has a strong attribute of self conviction and self belief. I enjoy listening to your pod casts."


"It was a lovely conversation between you and Tanushree got to know Mr.brown so well their journey..well produced. Enjoyed"


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