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  • Payal Nayar

Why are podcasts the next big thing?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with so many different things happening around you? Do you ever feel you need a direction to understand important things in your area of interest? Do you find it difficult to make time to reflect on your thoughts and collate information through different news and social media platforms? If yes, you are probably doing the right thing by reading this article.

Podcasts undoubtedly ARE the most powerful way in today’s time to find a solution to questions mentioned before. In a world where people are finding different ways to cope with stress and gain knowledge, podcasts have helped people to connect with individuals who have probably had similar experiences, have faced challenges, and most importantly have communicated stories through digital media in the most efficient way to pass information without compromising on time and money.

In the world that we live in, issues like long travel commutes, work pressure turning into health hazards and exponentially high rates of mental health problems have significantly increased. Podcasts may not be the answer to all your problems but is the window you should consider for getting great insights on multiple issues and topics. It is quite difficult to manage work, home and other events of life while making time to grow as an individual, thus you may want to include podcasts in your daily routines for the following reasons.

1. Time is Money.

Have you ever wondered how time flies when you are commuting back and forth from work? Look around you when you travel next. More than half the passengers around you would be engaged on their screens either to watch an episode, text family and friends or just scrolling through social media aimlessly. This is the time that you can use to not just listen to podcasts but recognize the time you would have utilized to know more about your interests and different people achieving incredible things. This is the time you could use to grow mentally and emotionally with the help of stories that might change your life!

2. Some stories are Untold.

Today’s media is all about covering what is extraordinary. But how about those people who are living lives like you? People who like you, get up in the morning, prepare meals for their families, rush to work, save up on money and return home with the hope to spend some quality time with their loved ones. These stories are often untold. Stories, where the REAL life happens. Stories, where people achieve incredible things under difficult circumstances. And stories, that help you connect, relate, and reflect. Podcasts make it easier for you to connect with the REAL world and remind you, that you are not alone!

3. Detail is the Key.

The internet today is exploding with plenty of information to be consumed. You maybe looking for A but end up reading or watching B. Podcasts, however, give you insights on very specific details, events and concepts of different individuals or brands which are usually summed up in the episode descriptions. This makes it easy for listeners to exactly know what they will be listening to and if that topic interests them. Unlike other media, podcasts are very theme focused providing specific experiences and facts through storytelling.

There are plenty of reasons to understand why Podcasts are the next big thing and why people should invest time in the same. From sports to food, art to history, finance to technology, the topics you can discover are limitless. It is about how much YOU want to know! It’s about how YOU want to grow, learn and achieve success.

Do let us know why you think podcasts are the next big thing and share your thoughts with the world!

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