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  • Payal Nayar

Tips to Train your voice

In one of my blog's I briefly talked about how the tone of voice suggests your personality.

Let’s do this in a methodical way and take you through the process of training your voice step by step.

Today’s blog will offer some very simple tips on how to maintain a healthy voice which in my opinion helps build a foundation towards using your voice professionally as a voice artist. These tips may sound like something so simple and I am sure you may also have knowledge of it but trust me, to know and to make it a way of life are two very different aspects.

* Don’t take your voice for granted! Just like we give our physical appearance and well-being such importance we need to do the same with our voice.

* Always open up your throat with a yawn rather than coughing or trying to clear your throat. It tires the throat instead of relaxing it.

* Always drink lukewarm water, helps keep your throat hydrated like you do your body. Avoid ice in your drinks and try not to indulge in spicy foods. Basically stay away from anything that irritates the throat.

* Avoid being screechy and loud in order to make your presence felt. The same thing can be communicated in a far more effective way by keeping your tone of voice relaxed.

* Rest your throat periodically, it is sometimes fun to be a listener rather than a talker.

* Right breathing techniques are very important.

* A simple technique is to stand tall, with your hands on your stomach, take a deep breath and feel the air filling up your lungs and diaphragm and then slowly exhale. Repeat this a few times until you are completely relaxed. Practice makes perfect!



In future blogs I will introduce some basic techniques and methods you can use as a voice actor. Remember, voice acting is storytelling where your listener needs to visualize and imagine what you are trying to convey bringing it to life.

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