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  • Payal Nayar

Podcasts for the Mind, Heart & Soul!

Why you should listen to podcasts?

There is NO reason you should not!

With the growing power of social media and digital platforms, not only have audio books made lives easier for people, but podcasts have added life to the whole culture of having a healthy mind and body for people from across the world.

Tough lifestyles, work pressure and the constant fear of not being good enough has had a major impact on individuals, especially working professionals who have busy schedules and jampacked tasks to deliver one after the other. It is therefore understandable that it may become difficult to find alternate timings to workout, cook, spend time with family, attend to daily chores, know what's happening in the world and most importantly make room for mental health.

It is rightly said, that a healthy mind has a direct impact on the body. But how can all of this be achieved along with schedules that have taken a toll on people's lifestyles? Podcasts could be one way to help people and make things easier.

For the mind: a variety of podcasts today cater to different topics from around the world who inform about different facts related to healthcare which include fitness, nutrition, beauty, food, lifestyle etc. These podcasts keep people informed about the possibilities of making life simpler and adding habits that could benefit them in the longer run.

For the heart: with busy schedules, people have less time to express their feelings which may create frustration and aggression among individuals. Podcasts which cater to relationships, love, life and emotional aspects of the human heart could help you understand the need of expression and the importance of living a balanced life.

For the soul: Sometimes, you just need that time off! Time-off from the chaos, the mess, the noise and in general, just people. Personal space is a concept which had been a very alien concept for people in most parts of the world. It is very recently (thanks to social media for normalizing the same) that people have started to understand why taking time off and spending time alone is important. But what to do in this spare time? Even that could be a challenge, specially for people who are constantly surrounded by other people 24/7.

Podcasts that cater to mental health, understanding self-identity, exploring the wants and managing expectations can be the best if you are looking to feed your soul!

So yes, in a nutshell - podcasts do cater to a healthy mind, a healthy heart and eventually, a healthy soul!

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