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  • Payal Nayar

One Step At A Time

After conceptualizing, finding a name for the show and understanding the workings of a podcast it hit me that I would now have to start inviting guests without whom there would be no show. I had absolutely no idea where to start from. To begin with, I was quite apprehensive as Melting Pot was unknown, would people feel confident and comfortable to share their life experiences and journey with a complete stranger on a new show and platform that they knew very little about?

So I decided to pace it out and take it one step and a time. The first was to identify guests who fit in with the Melting Pot intent. I then established that global diversity was absolutely essential since Melting Pot is after all a global podcast . The rest of the process just flowed. Some further thinking with more research and Voilà the process was all set in motion. As with any new venture for me the excitement is palpable, I could not wait to get started.

When I started approaching potential guests, I realized very quickly how forthcoming they were. I think everyone who has a story to tell and is proud of what they may have achieved through sheer grit and determination like to share their journey especially if it can helps and inspire others. This is exactly what Melting Pot hopes to achieve, act as a platform and enabler.

It is important for me to engage with the guests in such a way that they feel encouraged to talk, being a good listener and at the same time navigating the conversation is the key.

I realize that I should not try and imitate other podcasters but stay with my natural style and after close to 60 episodes being published and the feedback from my wonderful guests and listeners I think this is a wise decision.

Every guest brings a very different perspective to the conversation which makes it so exciting for me. I feel like I am in a continuous learning mode because of the diversity of my guests.

It is such a rewarding feeling.

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