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  • Payal Nayar

How to start a podcast?

Being a podcaster is not a skill that you maybe able to learn overnight. However, it is important to identify key areas that will help you create a direction to run a successful podcast. Podcasters all over the world have different techniques to adapt a style, create scripts, meet interesting guests and edit the podcast. To start a podcast, you have to know what suits you best and create a timeline to implement your plan. Given below are some pointers you can consider before you start a podcast.

The Topic

This is the key element to understand which direction you are heading to. A concept binds your thought process and helps you achieve results accordingly. The guests you may speak with, the sponsors you may look at etc. all depends on the theme or topic of discussion and what does your podcast believe in.


In order to reach the audience and communicate what you believe in, it is essential that you have a solid description to your podcast. If you can explain a lay man what your podcast is all about in less than 4 sentences, you know you are on the right track!


When you are planning a timeline of your podcasts, make sure you think about your guests well in advance. Ultimately, your guests play a key role in helping you create a vision for your podcast and help connect with listeners across the world. Research about your guests and get your discussions going!


Make sure you are using the right equipment for your podcast in order to maintain the voice quality and avoid any disturbances in the audio. You don't want to loose out on audience on pure basis of audio quality! The current pandemic times are an exception, but we shall tell you more about this in the coming blogs :)


Make sure you are using authentic and popular streaming platforms to reach people. We use

Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, IHeart Radio and Tunein which help us reach people across the world and maintain security standards at all times.

Stay tuned for more blogs on our podcast style and more!

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