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  • Payal Nayar

How can Podcasts impact your mental state?

In today's scenario, people across the world are having a hard time to look at life with a positive perspective. However, the internet has made it easier for people to feel connected with the outside world. With opportunities to create content through various applications and online tools, people are adapting creative means to express their thoughts, emotions and stories.

The podcast industry has recently started booming, helping people get insights from other people on topics that may bother or interest them. Following are some ways podcasts impact people's mental states in a positive way.

2 sides of the story

Podcasts help you understand that there are always 2 sides to the story. There are 2 or more opinions involved which help you identify what makes sense for you and what doesn't. It helps to broaden horizons in different ways and ultimately pushes you to see things from a pros and cons perspective.

Different perspectives

Sometimes we feel so strongly about what we feel that we tend to ignore all other factors that may have impacted the topic or theme of discussion. Listening to podcasts helps us gain insights from different angles that we may have never even considered.

Similar challenges

People face so many challenges in so many different phases of their lives. But often, they are either not too comfortable to share what they are feeling with their near ones, are unable to identify the solutions to their problems and sometimes don't even realize that they are facing a major challenge until confronted. Listening to podcasts can help people understand that they are not alone in dealing with similar challenges and may also get insights on how tackle issues that they are facing.


Who doesn't need motivation? Even the most successful people in the world at some point in their life have faced lack of motivation to do what they love to do or have to do. Podcasts provide listeners insights which can help boost confidence and instantly lead to active results in creating a healthy state of mind and get things going!


It takes a lot to share your perspectives and stories with the world through your voice. And this defines courage. The courage to help people through the medium of audio platforms and tell them that they too should voice their opinions, share their thoughts and express their emotions.

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