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  • Payal Nayar

Boost your workout with a podcast episode!

So walking, in general, is good, but recalling things you need to do, things you recently learned, or any other mental exercises while walking is even better! Music can distract you from the monotony of running and even improve your performance, but there are other methods that might make you feel even more rewarded at the end of your workout.

Podcasts can act as a healthy alternative to music on your daily jog as according to Chris Friesen, an author and clinical psychologist who specializes in sport and performance psychology. When you run, you create space in your brain for processing ideas, he said, either your own ideas or the ideas of others. There’s evidence that people become more open to new information and more creative while running, It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the potential of podcasts and could really boost productivity.

Podcasts can give you something to look forward to even if it’s not your workout, it’ll act as a motivator as podcasts are built in series and there will always be a new episode to look forward to and to act on the process of working out while keeping your brain active.

It can help prolong your workout by making you exercise until an episode is over and might be so interesting that you start another set of exercises while listening to the next one and the one after that.

It helps as a huge distraction especially for people who get restless and start thinking about how tired they are, when you’re truly in that process and a conversation has caught your attention, you’ll forget all about the fatigue and might feel completely refreshed after you’ve finished the routine.

Podcasts can help you find inspiration out of the countless topics that are covered, you will find something that will inspire you to have an effective workout!

Listening to people who have been down a path that you might choose to take one day gives you an idea of what to expect later in life and might even give you a sense of direction if you’re looking for it.

To be open-minded about this whole idea is the first step to opening your mind up to a world of inspiration, motivation, guidance, and a good time. Have a good workout!

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