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  • Payal Nayar

5 tips to master a voice over script

Voice overs is story telling whether it is a script for a very dry subject, a narration, a phone prompt, a navigation menu, a tv commercial, radio commercial or dubbing for a character. You have to be able to engage the listeners and draw them into the story.

Always ask for the script ahead of time. This will give you an opportunity to understand the mood of the project. If you have any doubt make sure to ask the producer for clarifications before going into the studio. Remember the studio is usually booked by the producer on an hourly basis so every additional minute spent in the studio will entail an extra cost for the producer.

5 tips on how to familiarize yourself with a script.

Always read it aloud at least a couple of times. You will be surprised at how it helps in giving you a better understanding of the project. You also get more comfortable with the words.

It is important to grasp the backstory, which maybe obvious while reading the script but in some cases unclear. If that happens just use your imagination and make something up.

Once you have an understanding of what kind of a story you are telling using your voice, start marking the pauses on the script. It will help in you sounding more natural.

Make notes on where you need more inflections, the stress should be on the right words. With experience you will realize on how when you emphasize on the wrong words it completely changes the context and looses the essence of the copy.

Practice makes perfect, try and not sound like you are reading but immerse yourself into the character so as to sound believable and the listeners are able to connect with you.



Hope these simple suggestions help in giving you some direction if you are keen on becoming a voice artist. I am so enjoying sharing my personal learnings and experience with you.

More to follow in subsequent blogs.

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