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Hola Barcelona!

Barcelona a special place in my heart- Hola Barcelona

My first trip to Spain and to Barcelona was several years ago. We were in Barcelona for 3 or 4 days before going on a Mediterranean cruise. It seemed like the few days just flew by without us even getting an opportunity to even scratch the surface. There was an immediate connection with the city, I just felt it in my very being that this city is going to be very special to me.

I travel so extensively and at the end of every trip to a new country or city, I visit I always leave reluctantly but promise myself to be back because it is never really enough time to soak in, absorb all the culture, natural landscapes, food and historical sights. Being a very frequent traveler and explorer that doesn’t usually happen because there is always a new exciting place to discover. However, I am so happy to have been able to not just go back for a few trips after but also 10 years later, be able to call this beautiful city of Barcelona as my temporary home.

Barcelona and Catalunya will always have a special place in my heart. The welcoming people, the weather, the food, the inexpensive shopping, the local designers, the landscapes, the art décor buildings, the old world European charm combined with the modern lifestyle it is an endless list of why Barcelona takes my breadth away. A lot of people find it unnerving to relocate to a country with a very different culture and language.

For me it is very exciting and fortunately easy to be able to slip into a new life, make new friends, learn a new language, soak in and blend in with the new culture so as to enrich myself. The people of Barcelona are very accommodating and welcoming. Initially it would take me ages to convey what I had to say because I did not know Spanish or Catalan. However, I very quickly realized that the people were very kind and encouraging because they saw that I was making an effort to speak their language and would patiently wait for me to finish my sentence which would take them 30 seconds but me 2 minutes. It gave me the confidence to learn a new language just by communicating with the native people.

There are so many incredible experiences I have had living in Barcelona which can take pages and pages to recount so I will be back again soon with some more snippets of my life in Barcelona!

Y hasta pronto Barcelona!

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