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  • Payal Nayar

Away From Home

Have you ever wondered what the word 'home' means to you? Where do you think you belong? Who is 'home' for you?

Travelling from one corner of the world to another has always made me feel independent and adventurous - until the pandemic happened! The last one year was difficult for everyone. No problem is small and everyone has there own priorities.

My major priority has always been stepping out of a physical space to a new one just so 1. my profession requires me to do so and 2. I am THIS person. The idea of home for me has always been a changing thought which frankly I am okay with.

But I often wonder, what home could mean to different people? It could be where your family is? It could be a city that makes you feel you belong there. Or it could be as small as a memory attached to a space that attracts you, wherever you are. Does home always have to be a walled structure with a roof or something that gives you shelter?

No, it may not. You could be someone with a luxurious mansion but still not feel at home as compared to someone who has bare minimum to survive but still feels at home! But the reality is, you will always know what home means to you, when you go away.

What does home mean to you? Comment below and tell us how you define 'home'!

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